Christina Dixon

Hey guys! My name’s Christina Dixon, and I am the main writer/part owner of THEBINGOBALLS. I currently live in Orlando, FL and attend the University of Central Florida, where I am majoring in psychology. I will be moving to Los Angeles next year to further my career as a therapist, as well as, continue to grow and build this blog. I started writing for the blog because, music has always been a huge part of my life and now more than ever, music is a big part of who I am. My longterm boyfriend (who better be my fiance soon!) Matt, also known as NYMZ, and as one-half of the group, Milo & Otis, is a very successful DJ/Producer. Ever since meeting him, I have had the opportunity to meet huge DJs, travel and go to amazing shows. The more I saw and learned about the music industry, the more I began to have a whole new outlook and respect for the industry and everyone in it. I’ve always known that artists work extremely hard, but until I saw it with my own eyes, I didn’t understand just how hard they all work and how much they value their fans. It was then that I decided, I had to be apart of something that allowed me to help talented artists get more fans, while still being able to do what I love. Being a part of THEBINGOBALLS has allowed me do just that! Everyday I wake up and I look forward to actually going to work so that I can help the artists I love get more exposure. It’s satisfying for me to see what a difference I am making when it comes to different artists’ fan base, and it also doesn’t hurt that I get to meet and hang out with a lot of them!

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