In today’s EDM world, Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak Records label is about as iconic as it gets. Since 1996, it’s been providing DJs and dancefloors some of the freshest and most creative music around. So it’s no real surprise to hear how good their latest release is. But what is a pleasant surprise is that they’ve decided to give it away for free! The track, by Savage Skulls and Douster, is a nonstop headnod inducer. With its wonderfully dissonant bass and infectious vocal loops, it reminds me a little of some of my favorite Riva Starr beats, but there’s an underlying Chicago house smoothness that drives the whole thing. A deceivingly great little tune. Cheers to Dim Mak for this new Free Friday series!

from Dim Mak:

“Dim Mak’s Bringing A New Meaning To #FF — Presenting #FreeFriday Series

To all our avid Twitter followers, and frequents of the #FF shoutouts, we have adorned a whole new meaning towards this overused Friday chant-off… Presenting #FreeFriday. Starting on Friday the 13th, we will be giving away a different track, possibly unreleased, rare, old, new or wherever in between, on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. As bit-rate quality seems to be a common concern for anything ‘given away’, all downloads will be offered in 320kbps. This means you’ll be able to bring something new to the dancefloor each weekend in full mp3 luxury.

Be sure to subscribe to our Soundcloud page for instant updates on new downloads!”

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